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Hong Kong Immunology Forum 2022/23

HKSI Annual General Meeting and Scientific Meeting

Date: 4 February 2023 (Saturday)

Time:  9am - 5pm (HK Time)

Venue: 7/F Ballroom,

Cordis, Hong Kong

555 Shanghai Street,

Mongkok, Kowloon

9:00 - 9:05

Opening remarks

Dr. Kathy LUI

9:05 - 9:40

Bottom-up mechanistic understanding of tissue homeostasis and inflammation


(Harvard Medical School)

9:40 - 10:15

The SMRTs way for treating breast cancer

Dr. Lior ZANGI

(Mount Sinai Hospital)

10:15 - 10:50

Molecular Distinctions of NAFLD-associated Liver Cancer accentuate on β-Catenin-mediated Immune Evasion

Prof. Nathalie WONG

(The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

10:50 - 11:20

Break & Poster Session

11:20 - 11:35

Aberrant polyunsaturated fatty acids desaturation impairs longevity and anti-tumor immunity of tumor resident memory CD8+ T cell in hepatocellular carcinoma

Mr. Tao DING

(The University of Hong Kong)

11:35 - 11:50

Studying the regulation of embryonic hematopoiesis by Mettl14-mediated m6A mRNA modification

Dr. Zhangjing MA

(The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

11:50 - 12:05

A Selective Class I HDAC Inhibitor Recovers Intratumoral Interferon Signaling to Overcome Immune-checkpoint Blockade Resistance in Hepatocellular Carcinoma

Dr. Yalin TU

(The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

12:05 - 13:25


13:25 - 14:00

Approaching personalized medicine with precision mouse liver cancer models

Dr. Carmen WONG

(The University of Hong Kong)

14:00 - 14:35

Uncovering the vulnerability of immune resistance in hepatocellular carcinoma

Prof. Terence LEE

(The Hong Kong Polytechnic University)

14:35 - 15:10

Engineering immunology. From human embryonic organoids to the unexpected role of the immune checkpoint


(The University of Hong Kong)

15:10 - 15:15


15:15 - 15:50

Macrophage biology in cardiovascular injury

Prof. Christian SCHULZ

(Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich)

15:50 - 16:25

Harnessing MC1R reduces scarring and rescues chronic non-healing wounds

Dr. Jenna CASH

(University of Edinburgh)

16:25 - 16:35

Prize Presentation & Group Photos

16:35 - 17:00

Annual General Meeting

Acknowledgement of sponsorships

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